Beat Radio

I have tons of free time on my hands, and I’ve finally figured out one thing I’d like to do throughout the summer: search for new music.  I’m going to scour music blogs and ask around for new music, preferably not mainstream.  Listening to stuff that isn’t on the charts kind of gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  I don’t mean at all in a pretentious, holier-than-thou way – just knowing that I’m in one of the earlier groups of people to listen to the music.  My first download of the summer was last night, when I looked up Beat Radio on

I first listened to Beat Radio a few years back, when I heard the song Everything is Temporary.  That particular song is one of their free downloads, and their newest album (Hard Times, Go!) is a set-your-own-price and choose-your-own-format.  I highly recommend all of their music (especially Dreaming Wide Awake) – check it out!

Brian’s tumblr

Beat Radio’s website

What are your thoughts?

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